5 Truths of Remarkable Leaders

"Rank does not confer privilege or give power.  It imposes responsibility."


It's not your imagination, effective leadership is on the decline.

10 Leadership Challenges

Nature abhors a vacuum and your employees do to...

With the baby boomers heading into their retirements en masse, the need to identify, train and deploy the next generation of leaders will become mission critical for most organizations.  



Taking the "Human" out of resources

Until automation is the law of the land, you'll still need people as part of your workforce.   They are your most valuable asset, treat them accordingly and minimize employee concerns before they escalate. 


Leadership Transition Issues

Managers are jumping out of the fire, into the frying pan.

Effectively leading people is a difficult task at the best of times, it becomes infinitely more challenging when you don't posses the full range of skills necessary to succeed in such a critical role.


Leadership Trust Issues

Worst of all, we don't believe you

For good or for bad, we currently live in a culture of distrust.   Actions must support words, mission statements have to come to life visibly or consumers will respond in ways that can threaten your company's existence.  



Bending the curve won't be easy.

We didn't get here overnight, which means correcting this is going to take some time and effort.  So get comfortable while I lay the math out for you.. 

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