5 Truths of Remarkable Leaders


In the 21st century workplace, Leadership means more than simply being profitable.  Your employees expect more...



Which means employee retention & development are top priorities. Management teams can no longer wait for annual reviews to have these very important conversations. Today’s organizations will have to become proactive with retention, development and growth. And here’s why:


58% of managers reported that they didn’t receive “management training” according to CareerBuilder.com


In a recent Harvard Business Review study 58% of employees say they trust a stranger more than their boss


...and they're ready to move on for greener pastures if you don't respond accordingly. 



of Millenials & Gen X's would leave "if they could fully utilize their existing skills"


of employees are either actively looking or willing to consider a new opportunity in next 12 months



of baby boomers are looking for more exciting & challenging work 


of All employees are simply unhappy with their job


And the impending skills gap will only amplify the problem


ATD’s (Association for Talent Development) 2018 Skills Gap survey highlighted four key areas that all management teams need to be effective:

  • Communication/Interpersonal Skills

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

  • Managerial/Supervisory Skills

  • Leadership/Executive-Level Skills


Where do this leave you as a future leader?