The very best leaders put their teams first.


Bruce Lee once famously said, "Knowing is not enough..."  So when I started on this journey nearly 4 years ago to understand what was separating the top leadership teams, from the rest - I was surprised by the data - I wasn't surprised by what that data translated into.

In 2014 for instance, according to a survey by Towers & Watson, only 25% of HR professionals saw their companies overall leaders as high quality.  And when the leaders inside the companies themselves were asked what was missing from their development 55% said Senior Management.   

Fast forward to 2018 and things really haven't changed:

  • 58% of managers stated that they hadn't received any management training according to Career Builder.  
  • 58% of people state that they trust a complete stranger more than their own boss according to a Harvard Business Review study.

It bears repeating, knowing is not enough.


The challenge then is shifting the focus back to the core purpose of being a leader.  For far too long, moving into a leadership role has been focused in the wrong direction - a check mark on the list of career "to-do's", a move to get a higher salary, or a reward for being a high performer. 

However, when leaders are focused in the right direction and work to create environments that bring out the best in employees you'll find that the idea of even looking for a new job diminishes according to a IBM Smarter Workforce Survey:

• Employees with the most positive experiences at work are three times less likely to be searching for a new job (9 percent vs. 31 percent).
• Employees who are most engaged with their organizations are five times less likely to be searching for a new job (6 percent vs. 33 percent).

So the vision is simple, give leaders at all levels more effective tools and that begins with "The 5 Truths". 



Dean McKinney
Author & Founder of Preeminent Business Journal

It is high time that the ideal of success should be replaced by the ideal of service.
— Alexandre Dumas Pere