Make a Difference

5 Truths for Leaders

The book is based on a little known, but highly regarded report entitled "U.S & Soviet Special Operations" presented by Colonel John M. Collins nearly 30 years ago to a House Armed Services Committee.  That report would evolve into the "SOF Imperatives" created by Brigadier Gen Dave Baratto as a means to codify the unique "operational considerations" that apply to SOF. 

From those imperatives and the original report the "5 Truths"  were born.  The philosophy of the "5 Truths" has underpinned the relationship between the United States Special Operation Command (SOCOM) and the soldiers who are assigned to it since the early 90's. 

Using these 5 Truths as an outline, I've researched and highlighted civilian companies that have employed (most unknowingly) at least one of these "truths"as part of what they do and what helps to separate them from their industry peers.

With principles ("truths") that are easy to implement and requiring very little in new resources; adoption & implementation can happen across industries and business of all sizes without causing considerable disruption to everyday operations.